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Are you a business looking to sell debt?

Perch Capital is a specialist company that purchases portfolios.

Our Mission
To empower customers to take control of their finances and achieve financial wellbeing.

Our Purpose
To spread the power of optimism by providing our partners with compliant, flexible and bespoke debt purchase solutions.

To be recognised as being different in the market place with a focus on real relationships, lasting partnership and our data driven customer centric approach.


Why sell to Perch Capital ?

We are a well funded, entrepreneurial and agile debt purchaser that combines data, expertise and advanced analytics to segment and price portfolios.

Our customers are assessed with our own unique behavioural and credit analytical tools to ensure we take a customer centric approach and provide the appropriate customer journey.

Whilst we don’t have a minimum investment value, as an ethical purchaser, we will need to perform due diligence on all portfolios prior to purchase to ensure they meet our internal quality requirements.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.


Experienced management team that focuses on the customer

The Perch management team have years of collective debt purchase and collections experience having worked in some of Europe’s largest debt purchasers. They therefore understand that our business is simply an extension of our clients and the fair treatment of our customers is paramount. We are not here to make short term profits and are instead working to grow a large and successful business that will last for generations.

It is a given that we treat customers fairly and focus on good outcomes. However, we really do want to be proud of our business and its staff to ensure our customers get the help and support they need to resolve their debts and get back on the path to financial wellbeing. Our core values ensure our culture is warm, friendly and supportive for our customers and staff.


What debt types does Perch Capital buy?

We have the ability to manage and purchase complex portfolios in both the regulated and unregulated consumer and SME markets. Once purchased the majority of portfolios are managed by one of our internal group servicers (typically ACI for regulated consumer debts) but we are also happy to partner with other DCAs in the marketplace.

Debt types include:

  • Regulated consumer financial services (personal loans, auto finance, credit cards, HCSTC)
  • Utilities
  • Telecoms
  • SME
  • Insurance shortfalls

We don’t just buy non-paying accounts, and are happy to purchase a range of accounts including:

  • Early arrears
  • Customers in a debt management plan
  • IVAs/ Trust Deeds
  • Post CCJ
  • Customers on informal payment arrangements (pre-default)


How do I discuss potential debt sales?

Please complete the contact form on this page and our business team will contact you.


Frequently asked questions

Please contact us and ask for our first time debt sellers guide.

Perch Capital is an unregulated SPV. When it purchases regulated debt it immediately appoints a regulated servicer to manage the debts on its behalf. In the majority of cases Perch Capital places the debts the ACI (and group company with FCA permissions) to manage the accounts on its behalf. Please contact us if you require further information about this.

Contact our business team

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