Why Perch?

We know there are different ways to approach debt purchasing and collections. At Perch, we believe in doing it the right way.



Our team has a proven track-record and wealth of knowledge within the alternative lending sector, where we have built up a reputation as a trusted purchasing and collections partner. 

Proven Customer Care

We are genuinely committed to helping our customers. We are proud of our low number of complaints recieved from the Financial Ombudsman Service and a zero overturn rate. This demonstrates that we put our customers’ needs first and do the right thing. 

Data Driven Approach

We adopt an intelligent approach to purchasing portfolios, based through a combination of data and experience of dealing with thousands of customers.



We purchase debts across a number of consumer finance sectors, with a particular specialism in short term lending.



We take a balanced approach to what we do, working with a network of specialist third parties who manage customer accounts on our behalf.

Our specialist partners then work directly with customers to find a solution that fits their individual needs.

We continually improve standards so that creditors and customers can have confidence in what we do.

Our vision to be one of the UK’s leading purchaser and manager of debt:


  1. To be a one of the leading operators in our chosen markets, partnering with all types of financial and credit institutions.
  2. To continually grow our investment portfolio delivering strong returns to our investors.
  3. To transform the customer journey within our industry and deliver great customer outcomes.
  4. To drive our specialist asset management business with data analysis and advanced technologies.
  5. To attract and retain the best team to deliver our vision.

Contact Us

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