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Customer Feedback

We pride ourselves on making a difference to people’s lives,
providing support when needed and helping resolve their debts.

Vicky, Feb 2022

Thank you so much for your time this morning and your email to follow up. I honestly can’t thank you enough for being so kind on the phone earlier. I 100% understand your company’s job is to recover debt and being thankful for how you dealt with me earlier doesn’t mean I don’t understand this and now I’ve made the first move by calling I feel stronger and committed to resolving this and taking it forward. I have started calling other companies and, I have an appointment with my support worker next week to help. I will forward details of a person to help Speak for me. Thank you for sending the info needed to get that in place. I’m sure you hear so many stories of how people end up in debt - I just wanted to thank you for listening to me and being kind. The man I spoke to before you was also brilliant and gave me some good helpline numbers and took the time to find them for me, which I really hadn’t expected when I called. Thank you for your help. You made a real difference to me today.

Adam, Jan 2022

I just wanted to write to say thank you to all at ACI. I am going through the roughest time of my life and you have all treated me with understanding, care and compassion. A special thanks to your Case Manager, he is an excellent representative for your company. Many thanks.

Barry, Dec 2021

I would just like to email in and say what a pleasure it was having you deal with my case. My case manager was very understanding and even though I got upset on the phone over my circumstances right now he really did his best to make me feel better about myself, and even my new job. He is an asset to your company and he has made me feel a lot better about the situation after being on the phone to me for over 50 minutes. I really appreciate how kind he was and what he has done for me to help me understand how much money I will be paying and when I will be able to clear my debts. Thank you.

Tracey, Nov 2021

I just wanted to say my husband has received your lovely reply to his outstanding bill. Sadly Dean doesn’t have much emotion at the moment but your lovely letter reduced me to tears. So just wanted to say thank you very much for your goodwill and kind words it’s been a real struggle and everyday I dread but getting a reply like this was so so nice Thank you once again.

John, Sept 2021

Company have been absolute stars I have deep depression after losing 2 of my daughters aged 18 and 25 always treated me with compassion and they wrote off the debt bless them truly grateful!

Bonina, Sept 2021

I can express nothing but a huge gratitude to the Customer Care Team at ACI. They are compassionate, courteous, and professional and they have restored my faith in humanity. I am truly humbled by their gesture of goodwill.

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