At Perch Capital, we redefine the traditional landscape of debt acquisition. Our philosophy transcends mere transactions — we forge enduring partnerships that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ operations, exemplifying the synergy of collaboration.
As an established and well-resourced debt purchaser, Perch Capital delivers compliant, tailor-made purchasing strategies. Leveraging our sophisticated data, in-depth expertise, and advanced analytics, we adeptly segment and price portfolios to meet the nuanced needs of our partners.


Our proprietary analytical models, combining behavioural and credit assessments, are the keystones to crafting the most effective customer journeys, ensuring outcomes that resonate with respect and fairness.


Our approach to investment is guided by ethical principles rather than minimum values, and we engage in thorough due diligence to align potential acquisitions with our stringent internal standards.

Why Perch?
Why choose us for your debt sales?

As a cornerstone of the Perch Group, our breadth spans all debt categories and sectors — from retail and financial services to utilities and telecommunications. We offer comprehensive, data-driven services that encompass debt acquisition, resolution, litigation, and even reconnection.


No matter the portfolio’s scale, sector, or complexity, our seasoned expertise ensures service excellence. Our entrepreneurial spirit accelerates decision-making, streamlines processes, and upholds best practice principles, all while minimising inconvenience for everyone involved.


This blend of seasoned experience and nimbleness empowers our clients to concentrate on customer acquisition and their core business, with Perch as their steadfast support.


Perch Group boasts a leadership team with an impressive legacy in debt acquisition and recovery, having honed their expertise within some of Europe’s premier debt purchasing firms. Fair treatment of customers and positive outcomes aren’t just our commitment; they’re our pride. We strive not for fleeting gains but for the sustained growth of a venerable enterprise that will stand the test of time.

Debt types
What debt types does Perch Capital specialise in?

We are proficient in handling and acquiring complex portfolios across both regulated and unregulated sectors, catering to consumer and SME markets. Though our internal teams, like ACI-UK, typically manage most portfolios, we are also open to synergies with external collection agencies.


Our portfolio expertise includes, but is not limited to:

– Regulated consumer financial services
– Utilities and telecommunications
– SME-specific debts
– Insurance-related shortfalls


Our portfolio appetite is diverse, spanning from early-stage arrears to more mature stages of debt.

Perch 360 solutions

At Perch Group, we provide a 360-degree, turnkey solution for UK debt collection, offering a full-service suite that spans the complete spectrum of debt recovery. Our end-to-end services are designed to handle every phase of the debt collection process with precision and professionalism.


From early-stage debt recovery to late-stage collections and legal services, we integrate cutting-edge technology with our extensive expertise to deliver results that not only meet but redefine industry standards. Our holistic approach ensures seamless, efficient, and ethical management of receivables, providing our clients with a one-stop-shop for all their debt collection needs.

Frequently asked questions

Please contact us and ask for our first time debt sellers guide.

Perch Capital is an unregulated SPV. When it purchases regulated debt it immediately appoints a regulated servicer to manage the debts on its behalf. In the majority of cases Perch Capital places the debts the ACI (and group company with FCA permissions) to manage the accounts on its behalf. Please contact us if you require further information about this.

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