Who we are
Who are Perch Capital?

Perch Capital, a key division of the Perch Group, focuses on the intricate process of debt resolution. When traditional lenders find an outstanding balance remains uncollected, they often opt to entrust the account to an expert in the field. This is where Perch Capital steps in, enabling those lenders to concentrate on their primary role while we apply our specialised skills to support customers in settling their accounts.

Our approach

If Perch Capital has recently acquired your account, you would have been notified via a welcome letter, typically dispatched by our trusted partner, ACI-UK. This communication, formally recognised as a Notice of Assignment, confirms our custodianship of your account and includes a Fair Processing Notice that outlines the handling of your personal data. Your original lender will also communicate this change to ensure you are fully informed.

Perch Capital collaborates with a select portfolio of regulated third-party organisations to manage customer accounts, with ACI often being the initial point of contact. This collaborative approach ensures that you receive a service tailored to achieve the best possible outcome, crafted by specialists who prioritise your experience.

Upon receipt of your welcome letter, any necessary actions on your part will be clearly outlined. Should you find yourself in need of clarification, ACI or our appointed servicing partner is at your disposal for guidance.

Our acquisition of debts comes with the assurance of maintaining exceptional service and achieving positive customer outcomes. You can expect to be treated with the utmost dignity, respect, and transparency. Our dealings are grounded in confidentiality and a sincere understanding of your circumstances.

We are here to assist

We recognise that financial challenges are complex and multifaceted, and our willingness to assist is contingent on open communication. Perch Capital and our associated service providers are committed to a responsible approach, requesting payments that align with what you can reasonably afford. We urge you not to dismiss communications regarding your account, as doing so could lead to further action, including the possibility of a County Court Judgment (CCJ).


Our dedicated team of case managers is prepared to provide the support you need to progress. We invite you to review feedback from our customers to better understand the positive impact of our services.

ACI and TM Legal
Perch Capital works with a number of specialist and regulated third parties which manage customer accounts on its behalf.

ACI-UK Limited is your partner on the path to financial well-being. As an FCA-regulated debt resolution agency, we engage with our clients’ customers to resolve balances on their accounts and guide them toward brighter financial futures.

TM Legal Services Limited, an SRA-regulated solicitor firm, taking decisive steps on behalf of our clients to enforce debts through litigation activity.

Frequently asked questions

Although you may not have borrowed or received credit directly from Perch Capital, your previous credit provider has now sold your account to us. This means that the outstanding balance on your account is now legally owed to Perch Capital. The assignment of the debt is legally binding and enables Perch Capital to recover amounts owed through the courts if required.


Your welcome letter (Notice of Assignment) should provide full details of the transfer together with the contact details of the agency now managing your accounts ands appropriate next steps. Please call or email them if you require any help support.

Perch Capital does not charge interest or fees on defaulted accounts unless determined by a court or as part of other contractual obligations.

Please contact the supplier managing your account in the first instance (www.aciuk.co.uk). They will be able to investigate accordingly and correct any errors that may have occurred. Please note that they may require some information from you in order to update the account.

As the new legal owner of your account Perch Capital is now responsible for reporting the status of your account to the CRAs (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion).

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For enquiries or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to provide the support and solutions you need.